Drastically improving gut health, naturally.

Drastically improving gut health, naturally. 

Do you experience IBS, abdominal pain, bloating or other digestive problems?  Are you scared to eat because everything seems to make you sick? 

It doesn’t need to be that way and there are many things you can do to decrease or eliminate your symptoms! 

I healed over 22 months of my own constant abdominal pain (and IBS symptoms I’d experienced half of my life) after I tried everything the docs suggested with no relief… 

I’ve been there and don’t want you to needlessly suffer! 

Check out this FREE guide that you can access right now – Top 6 Interventions for IBS.  All natural, all doable, all at least worth a shot (right?).


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The number of people with gut problems has exploded in the past couple of decades.  But what a lot of people don’t know, is that no matter your income, education, environment or luck; there are lots of steps you can take to decrease your symptoms and minimize (or eliminate!) your experience of IBS. 

When I realized this and experienced healing, it changed my world and I had to share.  So, I created the GUT RESTORATION PROJECT – my way to reach out to help others help themselves.

I support clients online and by phone to decrease barriers related to time and location. 

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I help savvy, conscientious women

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, I create a safe and supportive space that will help you to explicitly define, plan and achieve your health goals.  We’ll identify and leverage your strengths and help you connect with your intrinsic motivation.  I’ll guide you in discovering which approach works best for you so you can make peace with your gut, once and for all. 

Many approaches to nutrition dwell on calories – I don’t believe in counting calories.*  I believe that if we eat Real Food (organic, whole/unprocessed foods, mostly plants) 90% or more of the time and learn how to listen to our bodies, it is unnecessary for most of us. 

(This is coming from a person who used to think that organic was a waste of money and that microwave dinners that said “lean” or “healthy” or “smart” were a good choice…)  😉 

One diet does not fit all.  One lifestyle does not fit all.  And it all starts with your thoughts and mindset.

Each individual has their own needs and desires and within them, the power to uncover those. 

If you’re interested in learning more, you may want to get support.  

Also, check out this FREE guide – Top 6 Interventions for IBS. 

Cheers – to your best health and an exciting life! 

With gratitude,



Kari Schadler, M.A., CRC, FMCHC
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

***A minimum of 4% of net revenue will be donated to help individuals that experience disabilities THRIVE.*** 

FREE guide – Top 6 Interventions for IBS

*unless appropriate due to a medical condition (such as cardiovascular issues) and monitored by a properly trained practitioner.

DISCLAIMER:  Nothing on this website or any of the affiliated pages is to be taken as medical advice.  See your medical professional before making any changes in your diet or lifestyle.

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