Drastically improving gut health, naturally.

Gut Restoration Project


It can be easy to get down on yourself, but…

You aren’t:  avoiding your friends,

Sidestepping bedroom aerobics,

Playing hooky,

Or being a bad mom.  

…and it’s not ‘all in your head.’ 

You’re just a savvy, conscientious lady – with a gut that’s gone mad. 

Whether you’re trying to get out the door for work, pick something to eat that won’t make you sick or watch your kid crush it at their soccer game; one thing’s for sure… 

One key to PAIN-FREE, dependable, effortless elimination is:

Gut microbiome harmony.

(Stick with me here; even if you’re not sure what that means.)

You may have experimented with cutting down on gluten, dairy and sugar.  You may have started to look more closely at food packaging and claims.  Perhaps you’re drinking homemade bone broth to help heal your leaky gut.  Maybe you’ve even seen a GI specialist to discuss your concerns. 

But there’s still one little nagging problem: 

Your gut remains a hot mess and somehow the master of your life; 

The life that you’ve worked your booty off for. 

And while your kid will likely forgive you for missing the game;

It represents the side of you that feels she is falling short… 

Not the vivacious feminine warrior deep within you. 

Here’s where I can help. 

I’m happy to introduce the GUT RESTORATION PROJECT.

Health and wellness coaching for women that are ready to take action to drastically improve their gut health and decrease or eliminate IBS symptoms. 


BENEFITS you may receive from this program include:

  • You’ll have a crystal clear vision of the future you want so you can get in touch with your underlying motivation (this crucial step is often skipped or only the surface is scratched which can result in falling off track when inevitable challenges pop up)
  • Drastically improve your gut health (with support and accountability – wa hoo!) and decrease or eliminate IBS symptoms so you can get your life back and spend more time doing things you love
    • If you’re lucky, your loved ones might notice your progress and join you    
  • Learn timeless, critical info about wise grocery shopping so you don’t feel confused about what to buy to nourish yourself and your family 
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to decrease or eliminate your IBS symptoms
  • Discover ways to increase fresh, whole, organic foods without breaking the bank so you can decrease the many symptoms associated with the Standard American Diet without having to sell your car 
  • Improve your ability to spot healthy recipes and learn key swaps for making recipes healthier without sacrificing taste 
  • Achieve an understanding of how to respond to your individual dietary needs as they change over time
  • Get access to my (Safe Bet) Yummy Recipe Bloggers List so you never have to wonder where to find a mouth-watering, healthy recipe again that is quick to make and simple enough for anyone to follow
  • Discover your Essential Nourishing Activities and Implement them regularly (sounds amazing, doesn’t it?) 



Your program includes support via phone or Zoom online and email: 

  • A foundational “Gut Health Strategy Session” to create a plan for our work together
  • 2 30-minute “Transform Your Gut Sessions” per month to help you stay motivated and take empowered action so you can get, and maintain, results
  • Email support for those burning questions you need answered between sessions
  • 10-minute “I am Stuck and Need Help” laser session (1 per 3 months)
  • Handouts, recipes, resources, surprise bonuses
  • Co-creation of personalized Success Plan

You have two program options to choose from: 

1:  DIP MY TOES IN = 3+ Months of Support

  • Description:  1:1 holistic health and wellness coaching on a month-to-month basis; monthly auto-renewal until you indicate you are ready to exit; *3 month minimum commitment*

2:  I’M READY FOR CHANGE = 6 Months of Support

  • Description:  1:1 holistic health and wellness coaching for 6 months to address areas where you may be stuck and need a little more support to help you transform your habits and your life

Wondering which program is right for you?  Feel free to email Kari at with any questions. 

If you’re ready for someone to listen to you, while providing education, support, accountability and a wellness ally to help you meet your gut health goals, click here to schedule a 15 minute Gut Health Breakthrough Session.


Despite what we’ve been conditioned to think, healthy (and “clean”) eating doesn’t have to be bland, boring, difficult, or put us in debt.

It turns out it can be delightfully delicious and rewarding – symptoms decrease, energy and clarity increases, there is no guilt associated with eating – it’s a pleasure and calorie counting doesn’t exist in your world.**

I used to think these sorts of interventions wouldn’t work for me and wouldn’t be sustainable (so, I totally get it if that’s what you’re thinking), however, once I learned more about the impact clean eating and healthy lifestyle changes have had on millions of people’s lives, I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.  I’m so grateful for that because it changed everything


Are you ready to make some changes? 

Click here to set up a Gut Health Breakthrough Session.

If coaching is not for you at this time, but you’d like more support, be sure you’re on my list and have read and started to implement the Top 6 Interventions for IBS

If you’re interested in becoming a certified health coach yourself, check out the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Inc.

Visit to set up a Gut Health Breakthrough Session.

*Please note that you may be added to a waitlist.*


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Click here to set up a Gut Health Breakthrough Session.

**It is critical that you also partner with a qualified physician, such as a doctor trained in Functional Medicine.

Cheers – to your best health and an exciting life! 

With gratitude,



Kari Schadler, M.A., CRC, FMCHC
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach


***A minimum of 4% of net revenue will be donated to help individuals that experience disabilities THRIVE.***

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DISCLAIMER:  Nothing on this website or any of the affiliated pages is to be taken as medical advice.  See your medical professional before making any changes in your diet or lifestyle.

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